History and mission

     Danieldialatone is the name given by its founder Daniel Feldstein,  who is also one of the original co-founders of Black Lion Audio where he served for 10 years as head modification designer, chef metal work designer,  and was key in putting the emphasis of every signal component matters. 

     Black lion audio's reputation in regard to the undisputed awesome sound of their interface modifications and many of their products exists in large part to Daniel's intuition in regard to choosing some the best sounding components found on the market and knowing how to best implement certain technologies.

     The name "Danieldialatone",  Daniel has used for the past 15 years.  Starting off with just basic guitar and guitar amp repairs Daniel began venturing into all music equipment finding a particular niche when it came to enhancing active reference monitors and PA speakers.

     As of May 2017 Danieldialatone will be working on a very robust repertoire of enhancement offerings. Stay tuned, because its about to get awesome.

     Here is Daniel Feldstein and his philosophy on how most audio gear can avoid being thrown into landfills by making better what you may already have:

  •  I don’t just blindly enhance music gear by using the same high end part in everything. I "dial in" the perfect high end part from my spice rack of components. Designing the perfect enhancement is not much unlike cooking, where only the chef knows the perfect high end ingredients to perfectly balance and enhance the true essence of the dish, the essence of your music gear.

  •   Making it so that gear becomes renewed and stays out of the land fill. Gear should be making music, not rotting in landfills creating harmful pollutants.

  •   Proving that the greater majority of audio gear corporations cut corners on your made-in-China gear, and that by taking out those dime store grade components and replacing them with components that actually sound as great as you would have hoped would have been in there in the first place, brings your sonic potential out of the mud and into the light.

  •   Revealing the potential of some of the cheapest made gear, that there are a few cheaply made products out there that actually be made into the most expensive sounding pcs in on the planet.