Urei  1620  rotarymixer  enhancement

     An original Chicago Warehouse DJ Jeff Sims recently came to me with his original UREI 1620 Rotary Mixer.  His main issue what was the the phono pres on this mixer are so high gain and sound so awesome that the passive RCA inputs sound weak when using more modern DJ equipment through those inputs.

    I fixed this first by designing my YO'UREI AUX BOOSTER CARD.

    I then modded the two phono preamp cards which Jeff told me sound better than a Bozak mixer he had just gotten.

    I recapped the whole rest of the unit.

    The end result is the best sounding DJ mixer on this planet.

    There are a lot of people who blindly use "whatever" capacitors they happen to see on a forum somewhere. I however have over a decade of electronic component sonic quality know-how.  I KNOW what capacitors sound good.  Not all forum proclaimed boutique capacitors sound good in every single application.

As of Nov 2017:  I am also upgrading a few really important signal path resistors. I use vishay 1/4 metal film resistors. They are the CLEANEST sounding resistors around.

To book your modification which automatically comes with the booster cards contact me.

Cost of the upgrade minus the Booster Cards is $320.  Pricing for the booster cards can be found on the YO'UREI AUX BOOSTER CARD page.