april 2018

Past few months have been pretty exciting.  Last year around this same time I was lucky to have a unit to work on every month or two.  Fast forward to now... I am consistently working on 2-3 pcs at any given point. PLUS!!! I've been getting some work from actual touring and working musicians and producers.  I REALLY need to start working on my enhanced artists page!!!

October 2017

     1.     It was a long summer.  My current day job has had me quite busy, but I did indeed complete the Volca Beats Modification. You can find it here in this site.

     2.     I've added a type of speaker mod service. If you live in the Chicagoland area, I actually have the ability to come out to your place and mod your speakers there, depending on the make and model.  I've done this twice now with fantastic results.

     3.     Again for those in the Chicago / Northwest Indiana area... I have a demo pair of KRK rokit 5's. I can come out to your place and I can show how bad ass they sound.

May 22 2017

  1.      About to finish up the full modification offering to the Volca Beats. Over TEN modifications on this little tiny device.
  2.      People on the Facebook Rotary Mixer group have been contacting me regarding the work I did recently on that UREI original 1620 rotary mixer. Based on this work, I may be developing a phono pre as an actual product. It'll be a clone of the UREI's phono pre's with a great sounding little EQ section, and will feature my "1620 yoUR'EI Aux Booster Card" circuitry on the output.
  3.      I am going to start to slowing roll out some interface mods. I've been discovering even better op amps, better capacitors, and am working on my own clock circuit based off of some interesting white papers I've been reading.