This is my FLAGSHIP enhancement service.  Of the interface modifications that I designed for Black Lion Audio, what good were they if people were still using powered monitors that suffer the same issues as interfaces?


If you read my EDUCATION page, you'd know that pretty much ALL cheap to mid-priced powered monitors and PA speakers pretty much have blankets over them in the form of cheap components in the preamp and poweramp sections. This keeps your speakers from reaching their full sonic potential and you are NOT getting the full picture of your mix. Its like looking at HD television with dirty glasses on.

My enhancement procedures removes this blanket. You'll hear what you've been missing and you'll hear things in some of your favorite recordings that you've never noticed before.



Below you'll see a list of the speakers I've worked on over the years.  Even the most expensive speakers on this list, these companies cut corners or just simply didn't take critical enough consideration of the sonic-crucial components:


KRK (Rokit, VXT, Expose) To me, enhanced KRK's provide the most value. My favorite of all the speakers are my personally enhanced V8 gen 2 speaker.

Yamaha (HS series) better than Zen pro

Genelec (8030)

Event (Project Studio, 20/20)

DynAudio (Air series)

Fostex (PM0 Series)


Mackie (mixing monitors and powered PA speakers)

Cerwin Vega (P series pa speakers)

I've done many others, but over the course of the 10 years that I've been doing em... I can't remember em all.


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