yoUR’EI Aux Booster Card

This is the first official product offered by Danieldialatone. Its a card designed to compensate for the largely known fact that the original UREI 1620's AUX one through three do not adequately amplify the incoming signals from modern digital mixers. My card does two things. It boosts the signal about 10db, and through my awesome knowledge of components the signal actually becomes enhanced. Your digital mixer will sound as big and as epic as the legendary sounding phono-pre cards.

They are $130 a piece but if you buy 3 they are $115 each plus free shipping (for the lower 48 states only, all other US states and countries a shipping quote can be generated for you if you contact me)
If you are placing these where there is no already existing phono or mic preamp card, there are two resistors per channel that you will need to clip out of there using a pair of fine side cutter wire cutters.
If you are uncomfortable with the procedure as long as you pay for shipping both ways I can do it for you.
If you are placing one of these cards where they're already exists a mic preamp card then there'll be a couple of wires that you will need to have unsoldered and moved from the mic input jack to the AUX input jacks associated with that channel pair. If you are placing one of these in place of an already existing phono preamp card then no further procedures are required. I also offer a modification to the phono preamp cards. I switch out the electrolytics for ones that I think sound far better. I switch out the op amp for one that again I think sounds quite a bit better. And not only do I think so but the folk's I've done them for think so as well.



To purchase contact me via email or facebook