Danieldialatone schedules modifications according to demand.  The next available enhancement date is currently available by contacting me via email or through my Facebook Page.  Enhancements can be scheduled by emailing Danieldialatone  

     50% down payment is needed order to secure your spot on the Danieldialatone calendar.  You will receive a confirmation email with your scheduled date after confirmation your down payment.  Cancellations that occur less than 5 days before your service date will mean that you'll only get 70% of your initial down payment.  


     Currently I am only accepting Paypal. I also accept cash from local Chicagoland folks paying in person.


     For pcs that I mod and have for sale, shipping costs will be listed there. 

     For customers sending in your equipment to have worked on, I require that you purchase a return shipping label and put it inside the box along with your unit so that when it comes time to send it back all I have to do is put the return shipping label.  I am a one-man operation and not having to arrange shipping details is a must in regard to working most efficiently.  This is actually the best method for the customer for one big reason.  If the return shipping label is paid by you, then you have greater authority over your package when its on its way back to you.

     For anyone sending their beloved gear to me to have worked on please follow these guidelines for sending your gear. Do not compromise on box size and the quality of that box and the packaging material. $20 saved on shipping by using too small a box, will only cost you the amount of the unit itself if it arrives to me in Chicago damaged. And if I have to find a bigger box and better packaging material to send it back to you, I'll charge you for it so please do it right the first time.

     Always make sure that you use a box that allows for 2 inches of professional packaging material on ALL sides: top, bottom, front, rear, left side, right side.