Vestax PCV Series Enhancements

After my successful Enhancement of a Vestax PMC-CX someone noticed my work on the Facebook Rotary Mixer page and asked if I could do the same to their PCV-275r.

It doesn’t have balanced outs (something I may attempt to rectify in the future (probably a year or two) but it still has a robust dual rial power supply. Its pretty noisy, and and small sounding. But… having the robust power supply I knew there was a potential for an effective enhancement procedure.

I replaced all the op-amps and about 95% of the capacitors. I also do a couple of other things… I bypass the poorly designed, noisy, current noise inducing isolator. With the frequency “kill switches” instead of more musical appropriate potentiometers its of the worse sounding isolators around. And here’s the thing, even if it did have potentiometers the isolator section uses over 20 op amps. An isolator should ALWAYS be a seperate effect contained in its own chassis and more importantly… using its own power supply. I then add small inductors and clamping ferrites to keep EMI out of your amplified audio signal.

So, regarding the op amps and caps that I use. Once again I don’t just use the SAME op amp on every part of the unit. And when I mod something for the first time, I’ll switch out an op amp multiple times till I find the right op amp for the job.

I use caps in the same way… I use caps made for signal path on signal path, and caps made for power decoupling for power decoupling. I will also switch out for different caps a few times and listen to each one so I know how to tweak the enhancement procedure to its fullest potential. Many boutique music gear makers and tinkerers don’t know this. This is what sets my mods apart from others. This is the same prerogative I used when modding Paul Epworth’s Avid HD units at Black Lion Audio.

The end result to this PVC-275r was as always… Night… and DAY!!! Phono pre’s sounded better in EVERY way… less noise, fuller, richer, and more detailed. Its such a great improvement you may break out ALL your records to listen to them again for the first time!!! Don’t have enough money for an UREI 1620? This will get you into that same ballpark for much less.

And any club this uses this mixer will notice a dramatic improved vibe amongst your patrons.

Contact me for details regarding your PVC unit. Pricing may vary depending on which on you have. Some are configured differently and because of that, mod options may be drastically different.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 10.07.13 PM.png