VolKa Beatzneez mod


Volka Beetzneez Mod

Someone asked me to do a midi out mod on their Volca Beats. I came up with a twist on it… I use the same MIDI in jack for in AND out.  I freed up the two unused 5 DIN jack and I share the ground for midi in and out. I have made a breakout cable.  Why go through all that trouble?  I didn’t want to take up all that valuable real-estate by adding a silly unnecessary extra DIN jack.  There’s now more room for all the volca mods that have been zipping around on the internet.


Bass drum, I add a switch that changes the envelope on the attack. It’s like having two different bass drums to choose from instead of just one.

Snare, I increased the volume and have added an extra brightness knob. These two things turn the snare into a beast instead of the quiet mouse it was before.

Toms, I have added a knob that introduces the white noise signal into the toms which turns it into a completely different instrument. To me it sounds like a sweet Simmons snare.

Hats, I have added a switch which makes the hats sound really aggressive and edgy. As of March of 2018 I also add another switch that makes the hats sound like a tape machine in fast forward or reverse. Its a very unique sound. 

PCM sounds, I bypass a filter which gives you the full one burst of sound capable. Its a little noisy, but my take on the Volca Beats is to make it sound big and aggressive. Plug this little box up to your PA system and you can tear your neighborhood a new one.

Individual outs… I added direct outs for the Bass, Snare, Toms, Hats, PCM ; The added outputs are made to be used with mono 1/8inch (3.5mm) patch cables. They are not meant to drive speakers or headphones. The output impedance is not known and the output volume is pretty low so you may need to patch them directly to a mixer input and add gain before sending those signals to synth modules, effects, and you may need to add gain if you are going directly into a recording interface that has no make up gain on the inputs.

Despite the low output volume some of these sounds actually do sound much better on the direct out than at the summed phones out end.

$275 for the modification if you want it all including the midi out mod, and it takes about 7-10 business days to complete depending on demand.

$230 for if you want the sounds mods but not the midi out mod.